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VIVOSUN 2-in-1 4x3 ft Grow Tent Complete Kit with VS2000+T5 LED Grow Light
Package Includes: 
  1. 2-in-1 48 x 36 x 72-Inch grow tent
  2. VS2000 LED Grow Light
  3. LED Protection Eyeglasses
  4. 2X 2-ft. T5 grow light fixture
  5. 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Ventilation Fan
  6. 4 Inch Carbon Filter
  7. 8ft Ducting with Clamps
  8. VIVOSUN Elastic Trellis Netting With Hooks 3x3ft
  9. 5-Gallon Grow Bags (5-Pack)
  10. Temperature Humidity Monitor
  11. Pruning Shear
  12. Digital Timer

    VIVOSUN 4x3 Grow Tent 48 x 36 x 72

    • Durable and Sturdy Construction - VIVOSUN Grow Tent uses 600D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty zippers to avoid any light leak and ensure durability. All-iron metal frame provides strong support for hanging all kinds of lights and ventilation systems.
    • Human-centered Design - Multi-size vents available for different ventilation systems; Filter Straps included for hanging filter; Observation window can help you monitor your plant growing status
    Tech Spec
    Dimension (in.)

    2-in-1 48”x36”x72” / 4ft x 3ft

    Overall size: 48"(L) x 36"(W) x 72"(H)

    Small section : 12"(L) x 36"(W) x 72"(H)

    Large section : 36"(L) x 36"(W) x 72"(H)

    Weight (lb.) 34.75
    Warranty 1 Year
    Package Size 56.13 x 11.17 x 10.92
    Suggested Plant Count 2-4
    Recommended Ventilation 4" Inline Fan
    Doors (1) Large Front Door
    Vents (2) 9.84" x3.15"  Pre-Filter Air Vents
    Windows (1) Large Front Window
    Ducting Ports (4) 4" Ducting Ports / (5) 6"  Ducting Ports
    Interior Material Mylar 98% Reflective
    Exterior Material Oxford fabric
    Includes (3)Spill Tray / (4) Filter Straps

    VIVOSUN Latest VS2000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301 Diodes

    • Lower Costs & High Efficiency - VIVOSUN VS2000 LED grow lights use the latest LED plant light technology including Samsung LM301 Diodes, high-energy efficiency with 2.9 μmol/J
    • Dimmable Ballast - It has a dimming knob that makes it adaptable to different growing periods
    • Sun-like Full-Spectrum Lighting -  The VS2000 full-spectrum LED delivers optimal light-spectrum coverage
    • Low Noise & Low Heat -The VS2000 LED has a unique appearance, with power supply and ventilation holes; No fans are needed meaning low noise; Ambient heat is very low, so there is no need to worry about burns or damage to your plant 
      Light Source LED
      Spectrum Full Spectrums; 380nm-780nm, Rich 660nm
      Input power 200W/100-277V
      Frequency 50-60 HZ
      Fix Dimensions 11.8"Lx11.8" Wx2.2" H
      30cm L x30cm Wx5.6cm H
      Weight 12.32 lbs/5.58kg
      Energy Efficiency 2.9 μmol/J
      Dimming 50 %/75 %/100%
      Lifetime L90: >54000hrs
      Power Factor >88%
      Certifications IP65&CE
      Warranty 5 Year Standard Warranty

      VIVOSUN 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

      • Power Airflow - Heavy-hitting blower with a fan speed of 2300 RPM for an airflow of 190 CFM, moves air through the target location efficiently for optimal ventilation
      • Smooth and Quiet - Noise level only at 31 dB
      • Durable Build - Galvanized steel parts come factory painted to resist atmospheric corrosion from humidity, easy to control with a speed controller
      • High-tech Design - The aerodynamically designed centrifugal impeller of this unit delivers strong airflow with a disproportionately low sound profile
      Size 4 Inch
      CFM: 190
      RPM: 2300
      Power Supply: 110/120 V
      Power: 59 W
      Current: 0.8 Amps
      Item Weight 5.15 Pounds
      Package Dimensions  12.4 x 8.7 x 8.4 inches
      Noise level  <31 dB
      Finish Painted
      Material Plastic

      VIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter 4'' x 14''

      • Premium Quality - Made of Virgin Australian activated charcoal, delivering 100% filtered airflow. 1050+ RC 48 carbon captures three times more air contaminants than average due to optimal surface area per carbon particle
      • Eliminates Odor and Chemical Irritants - Protects from chemical irritants and eliminates odors- from pungent indoor grow operations to bathrooms, basements, and kitchens
      4" Carbon Filter
      Size 4 Inch
      Dimension 18.9 x 16.14 x 11.02 inches
      6.5 lbs
      Carbon Australia Virgin Charcoal
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      Fan Ventilation Recommendation
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