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nOV.05, 2021

What is a grow light?

The grow lights are the source of light for your plants and you need to make sure they provide enough intensity, spectrum etc.

In broad terms, you will find two types of grow lights: Fluorescent and HID. The difference between them is in the type of light they produce meaning a fluorescent lamp produces more natural daylight spectrum while an HID emits a brighter yellowish glow which plants need for photosynthesis process to happen.

It is recommended by many growers to have an LED grow light because of their low heat emission and energy efficiency which can prove beneficial in your indoor gardening journey. But if you're on a budget then fluorescent lighting will be enough for starting out with growing plants indoors.

About  Grow Light

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    The lighting equipment provides the frequency of wavelengths that plants require for photosynthesis process to happen - meaning they need red, blue and green lights

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    The intensity of your grow light is measured in Lumens which shows how bright or dull the lighting equipment is coming onto your plants. And dimly lit spaces for growing plants indoors will hamper their growth process.

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    Different types of materials have varying reflectivity properties. If the material used has high reflective property, this will help enhance its output and intensity by bouncing back the light it emits, which can prove to be beneficial for plants.

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    Ease of use

    The grow lights are better to be easy to set up and install with any kind of growing equipment or system you might have in place. And also, they need to provide enough heat insulation so there's no chance of overheating your plants.

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