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VIVOSUN Carbon Filter with Australia Virgin Charcoal Unboxing & Installation

VIVOSUN Carbon Filter with Australia Virgin Charcoal Unboxing & Installation

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan, Pre-filter Included, Reversible Flange Installation 


  • SD

    No instructions on set up. Need help!

  • Makeba A Robinson

    I too, just spent a decent amount of money on your inline fan, carbon filter, and duct work combo kit, and as a new grower zi know nothing about setting it up. You just send products (super fast I might add) but no instructions. Can you umagine how frustrating it is to have yo look on youtube for the answer from other manufacturers? The page you have has no video yet it indicates it does have some kind of instructional content. Very unsatisfied with this and wondering how you can put a good claim on a when you dont even show your customers how to set it up or use it, and when they do it wrong, you wont cover any warranty becausr its out fault. That is a crappy way to do business and having bought a complete tent and grow set up from you collectively, I will notnbe purchasing anything else from you guys.

  • Peter Jarvis

    Have bot intake & exhaust fans, charcoal filter, ductwork, a small rotating fan to help plant strength and mylar for interior of a wooden 3×2×5 grow box on wheels. Sure could use some advice on setup but find little online. Sure would be nice to have more setup instructions

  • robin whitney

    I need help. I have watched a bunch of you tube videos, and been on your website. I purchased a charcoal filter, exhaust fan and ductwork kit. I set it up, but my air is sucking into the grow tent instead of exhausting out

  • josh

    I purchased a kit with tent, fan, duct and filter, but there are no instructions for set up I thought this would be the page to show that but there’s no content.

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